First Time Visit FAQ’s

1. What should I wear? Wear whatever makes you the most comfortable in church. Some folks like to dress up, and others wear their jeans.
2. What time should I get there? Worship starts at 10:15 am. We start with Greeeting from the Pastor, Prelude and singing, because it gives people some time to find their seats if they’re running a little behind.
3. Am I going to be conspicuous? We have a rather small congregation, so you will be noticed and greeted– but rest assured, no one is going to make you stand up and introduce yourself or raise your hand!
4. How do I behave in worship? We are a small, caring, and casual community! Our worship is a meaningful, but not too formal, gathering.
5. Are our children welcome? Yes! We welcome children– we notice that given the opportunity, even the infants like to sing and participate in whatever ways are appropriate for them. We also know that children can’t always sit still, and that babies get fussy. Feel free to do what you need to do, to care for your children. Lots of fussy babies get walked around, and there is some space in the back of the room for toddlers to run around should that be needed.
5. Is the service long? Our service lasts about an hour– and we hope you can join us after church for some fellowship time and refreshments in the Turning Point Cafe or on the patio.
6. What about Access Issues? Our space is fully wheelchair accessible. We have assistive hearing devices for those that need them. Feel free to contact our office if you have special needs and we will do our best to work with you so you feel welcome and comfortably able to participate in our services.