Bread of Life

Working in conjunction with several other local churches to prepare hot meals for the homeless and anyone in need of a meal. Those meals are prepared and served every Sunday starting at 5:00 pm at All Saint Church 144 South C Street Oxnard, California. Meal service is provided for about 90 to 140 individuals and families every Sunday. Ventura County Food Share donates some food items, but most items has to be purchased. Funding for the program, on the Sundays we serve are provide thought donations from Saint Paul’s emergency fund.

Gasoline Vouchers

We also provide gasoline vouchers that provide funds to the Community Action of Ventura County for distribution of gasoline vouches. These gasoline vouches assists low-income persons with transportation assistance.

Christmas Mart

In November/December we have our Annual Christmas Mart encouraging the honoring of loved ones by gifting programs that meet the needs in society, rather than buying unneeded things. Donation are sent to different programs in someone name in lure of Christmas presents.

Give Ye Them To Eat

A Missionary project to Mexico supported by St. Paul’s UMC of Oxnard

GYTTE was founded in 1977 as a social outreach project of the Methodist Church of Mexico to combat hunger and poverty in the rural sector. The purpose of the “Give Ye Them to Eat” program (GYTTE) is to strengthen the capabilities of marginalized people and communities to meet their basic needs, and to determine and sustain a just and integrated development process. Participatory methods and development tools are used to create conditions in which change can take place
from within the communities. GYTTE uses people-centered approaches to development.

Visit GYTTE website for more information